With Two Bedrooms and a Loft, This Little Tiny House Packs It All Inside

In this video, you get the chance to look inside one of the best small home plans. This 600 square foot tiny house design (700 square feet if you include the loft), is lived in by Lyndsey, her husband and their Labrador retriever in Little Rock, Arkansas. You get the chance to find out how they built this tiny house design and all about small house living in the video. The exterior is just as lovely as the inside of the tiny house design, with a cut covered front porch at the front door. Lyndsey talks about how bigger isn't necessarily better, especially when it comes to cleaning your space. From the moment you walk inside this tiny house design, you are met with high ceilings that make the space feel large. The tiny house design is located in a historic neighborhood in Little Rock, and they have a beautiful backyard space that only adds to the appeal. This tiny house video has more than 500,000 views.

When it came to designing this tiny cabin design, the couple wanted the house to look similar to the other standard sized homes in the neighborhood. Their tiny house design is the smallest home in the neighborhood in which they live. Lyndsey enjoyed designing the home, and used plenty of salvaged materials and reclaimed wood throughout to make the home unique. The front door on the tiny house design is a vintage door, from around 1900 with the original glass. When you step inside the entryway the couple has wallpapered the ceiling to give it a unique look, the wallpaper is quite lovely, and on the wall, they used reclaimed wood on the wall. In the front room, just off of the entryway there is a bright and sunny room with color and lots of windows, with a big comfy couch. The room is also a laundry room with a stacked full-size washer and dryer. The living room has a beautiful red brick fireplace that anchors the room, and the dining room area has a bench seat that wraps around the corner. There is plenty of built-in storage in the tiny house design, from the built in storage underneath the bench seating to the open shelving.

The kitchen in this tiny house design feels anything but small, with custom cabinetry, and appliances that are just a little bit smaller than full sized standard appliances. The couple were lucky enough to get some slate that was being thrown away, that they used for their countertops. All they had to do was pay to get the slate cut to the right size. It goes to show that when it comes to building a tiny house design, it pays to keep your eyes open and salvage whenever you can. The couple has a stand-up shower, and no bathtub, not because they could fit one, but rather because they prefer to take showers. Their bathroom sink is also salvaged, and it still has its original faucets. The master bedroom fits a queen sized bed, along with two nightstand tables. They used a queen sized bed that has storage underneath. The closet in the master bedroom is completely customized, and they paid extra to have proper storage put in, so they could maximize the storage potential of the space.

The tiny house design also has a loft space that uses a ladder to get to. The loft space has a smaller bed and a desk. The tiny house design also has another upper space that is used for storage. This tiny house design is small house living at its best. You will find this tiny house design on the P. Allen Smith site. On the site you will find all sorts of things to do with the American farm, home design, beauty and bounty. **

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