Tour the Beautiful River View Log Cabin With Interior Photos and Floor Plans!

You'll want to take a look inside this River View log cabin design and see what is possible in an ELog home kit. This is a great wood cabin for people who don't want to deal with the stairs. This one story log home kit has 2,040 square feet of space with three bedrooms and 2.5 baths. There is also a 667 square foot garage, a 69 square foot porch and a 527 square foot deck for plenty of outdoor living space. This one story log home kit is worth looking at. The River View is a well-appointed 2,040 square foot log home kit with three bedrooms and 2 and 1/2 baths. This is a beautiful and spacious log cabin design that has all the space you need for a small family or for use as a vacation home to spend time away with family and friends.

For the ELog home kits, the following are just some of the things that are included in the kit. All of the treated log home kit building material that connects the foundation to the floor system or the outside decks. The first-floor system and sill plate. All of the pre-cut and numbered exterior wall logs and log wall accessories for the log home kit, along with all of the interior partition framing. The entire roof system, to include the framing, the sheathing, synthetic, non-bleed roof underlayment, and valley flashing. You need to provide the roofing shingles. The second story wall, the gable end, and dormer wall framing, including the house wrap. All of the matching log siding for skirt, second level walls to include the gable ends and the dormer walls, and precut false solid log corners where applicable. The insulated, Low-E windows and your choice of solid wood, steel insulated, or stain-grade fiberglass insulated exterior doors for the wood cabin. All of the exterior deck systems, to include 2times treated framing, 5/4inch by six-inch premium treated outdoor decking, and White Cedar handcrafted rail systems. Eastern White Pine is the wood species that they use exclusively for their log walls and log siding. In their opinion, Eastern White Pine is the best type and species of wood for log walls because of its moderate checking, its superb workability, solid knots, superior stability, high insulation value and affordability.

All of the wood for the log home kits is air dried because they believe in the slow, natural drying process, versus the rapid, artificial kiln-drying process. The reason for this is because of the log checking for the frequency, depth and width with this process are minimized. Other reasons include that the logs will better maintain their solidity, they will be less brittle and, therefore, the logs will be easier to work with. And for all of these reasons, the result will be a better looking finished product provided. ELog home kits believe that air drying is not less expensive than kiln-drying. In fact, to properly season the logs naturally requires a very extensive inventory that is well-stickered, so there is proper air flow around all the sides of each log and regularly inspected over the many months of that it takes of drying time.

So, it's safe to say that eLog home kits put their money where their mouth is, and take all of the necessary steps to ensure that their log home kits are the best quality that they can provide. The River View is just one of the log cabin designs you will find on the Facebook - Eloghomes site. On the site, you will find a variety of log home kits, wood cabins, log cabin designs and more. **

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