This Wood Cottage Is Cheaper Than You Think

The waves lap gently at the shoreline below. Sweet scent of roses, mix and mingle with the tanginess of nearby barbeque. Soaring effortlessly on the currents above, it's white head glistening in the sunshine, an eagle glides. Pines, firs and spruce sway gently in the wind, their musky perfumes filling the cottage. Water drips onto the faded table cloth as you lift the cool icy beverage to your lips. Releasing a deep breath you sink deeper into the softness of the lounger. Your eyes scan the treeline across the rippling lake. Colors dance and blend and pop. It is so quiet here, so incredibly peaceful. You close your eyes and let the contentedness take hold. Protected from the sun's harsh afternoon rays and refreshed by the cool breeze, this is the perfect way to spend the day.

In the bunk room beside you the little ones are relaxed in quiet slumber. Another of your offspring soaks in the sun's rays on the deck, another is curled up with their favorite book, rocking gently, out on the porch. Beach towels flap against the deck's rails, dried by both the wind and the sun. With plenty of space to sprawl, everyone is afforded that much needed quiet time to regroup and refresh. Another evening of friendly banter, laughter and games awaits. This little cottage is a balm to your soul.

Your 12 x 18 cedar cottage is more than just the 1/2 inch roof sheathing or 2x4 SPF framing. It is more than boathouse style vertical folding windows. It is more than the 9 x 18 enclosed space that is your bunk room and living area. It is more than the 3 foot porches or 9 x 9 screened porch. Your cottage is the place where life slows down and the hectic busy schedules give way to quiet relaxation. It is where TV's and computers are left unplugged and nature's many gifts are received and enjoyed. It's all yours and it was so much cheaper than you thought. See just how possible it is by visiting 'Cabana Village' or following the link below.

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