This One-level Log Home Has It All: the Interior Has Such Rustic Charm

Entering into the world of log cabin designs can be an exciting and alluring adventure, it can also get to be a little overwhelming at times too. With all of the different log cabin designs out there, and all of the different companies as well, it's hard to know where to start. Hopefully seeing some new log cabins and log home building companies will help to inspire you and get you on the track of choosing the best log cabin or home for you and your family. It's pretty great that you can choose a log cabin all from the comfort of your own home. These days it's so easy to get a log cabin or home built for you in just a short time frame. Blue Ridge Log Cabins is one of the companies you can choose from when you're building a log cabin. The company is the only company in the US that creates solid log modular homes. Up to 90% to 100% of the log cabin or home is built in their factory so they can build your log cabin without having to involve expensive specialists or contractors. They do it all right there. This way you can also get a really good idea of what your build will cost before they start too.

They build smaller log cabin designs like the Tryon, but they have also started to build larger luxury log houses that are up to 5,500 square feet or more. The Tyron would make for the perfect getaway for a couple or a small family as a little log cabin in the forest somewhere, or maybe at the lake. After you've purchased a piece of land, it's sometimes hard to come up with the money to build a large house or cabin right away which is why it's great if you can keep costs low by building something nice and small. The Tyron features 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom which is just enough for a few people to enjoy for a weekend. Inside the cabin, there is a beautiful kitchen area with an open design concept and it also comes with solid cabinets and countertops. There's a lovely living room area that's also open concept, with a stone built fireplace that is the perfect addition to any log cabin. The bathroom area features a stand-up shower, toilet and a vanity so you can enjoy the comforts of home even at the cabin. They also include some deck space which is always nice to have at the cabin to extend the living space outdoors.

The floor plan can change depending on the needs and preferences of the client, and you can adjust anything as you see fit. That's why you'll see that each of the plans look a little different even though they come from the same original plan. So you can get started sketching out your own design ideas so you can show them to a log home building professional who can help get you the cabin you're looking for. Homes like this can also be built on a basement foundation too, which will increase the square footage of the home. You could add a couple of bedrooms downstairs to use for guest rooms or kids rooms, and since it's a modular unit, you can also add onto the log cabin as well if you want to in the future. But getting a smaller log cabin design like this one would be a great place to start out. Have a look at the Tyron and other log home building ideas on the Blue Ridge Log Cabins website.***

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