This Guy Started With Nothing. What He Had Just 6 Weeks Later Made Me Ridiculously Jealous.

Seriously! With literally next-to-nothing only $9,000 to be exact musician, photographer, and all-around Renaissance man Steve Areen was able to create this gorgeous terra-cotta dream home in Thailand in only six weeks! Not only am I ridiculously jealous, but ridiculously inspired too!

It all started with an invitation from Steves friend Hajjar and his wife while he was visiting them in Thailand. The couple offered him a spot on their beautiful mango farm property where he could try his hand at crafting a dome home. He eagerly accepted and enlisted Hajjars help as well as his son-in-law Taos to build this amazing home in record time. With Hajjars creative input and Taos masonry skills, combined with Steves original vision, they were able to put this beautiful home together in only six weeks paint, decorations, and landscaping included!

Using locally-sourced materials in Thailand, the structure only cost $6,000 to actually build. All of the finishing touches like doors, a loft area, stonework, and landscaping added up to an additional $3,000, bringing the grand total to a meagre $9,000.

Steve was so happy with the short building process as well as the end result that he plans to build more dome homes in the near future. For this one, he used cement and clay blocks, but next time hed like to try compressed earth blocks which he feels would be even more sustainable. He is also researching the best organic insulation possibilities as he would like to build these domes in cooler climates.

Were so excited to see what Steve and his dome-home dream team come up with next, how much itll cost, how long itll take and where in the world it will be!

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