The Most Delicious Rolls You Will Ever Eat

Who doesn’t love delicious, homemade bread? Soft and fluffy on the inside, crusty on the outside. Mmm Mmm Good! My favorite thing is to get it while it’s still hot and fresh, and slather on the butter before chowing down. The women in my family have used one of those “passed down from generation to generation” bread recipes, but I’ve never been able to perfect it quite like they have. However, these yummy Yeast Rolls are a simple bread recipe that turns out perfect every single time. If you enjoy homemade bread and love to bake, then this may just be the perfect bread recipe for you.

To avoid any confusion, there isn’t any difference between a roll and bread. A roll is just a small, often rounded, loaf of bread. The most common type of roll is the dinner roll (which tends to be smaller in size and often crusty) that was so named because they are often eaten as a dinner accompaniment. These Yeast Rolls make a lovely accompaniment to any dinner (but they’re also delicious on their own)!

The magic ingredient that causes bread to rise to the fluffy texture you’re probably accustomed to is yeast. In baking, yeast is a leavening agent. It converts food and fermentable sugar present in dough into carbon dioxide that causes the dough to expand, or rise, as it forms tiny pockets. Baking the dough ‘kills’ the yeast and the air pockets set, which is what gives bread its soft, fluffy texture. Although there are many bread recipes that don’t include yeast, it is an ingredient that has been utilized since the days of Ancient Egypt (where records first indicate its use). While there are several retailers of baker’s yeast, the best-known in North America is Fleischmann’s Yeast, which was first developed in 1868. The yeast most of us use today was developed during World War II when Fleischmann’s developed an active dry yeast that didn’t require refrigeration, rose twice as fast, and had a longer shelf life than fresh yeast.

In most bread recipes, yeast is mixed with flour, salt and warm water. The dough is then kneaded and left to rise (sometimes until it has doubled in size). This raised dough then gets shaped into loaves and baked. The key to yeast that not everyone knows is that a longer rising time yields a better flavor (but yeast can fail to raise bread in its final stages if left too long). This Yeast Roll recipe is no different. Warm water, a package of active dry yeast, sugar, salt, an egg, softened butter and flour – you probably have most of these bread recipe ingredients already in your kitchen pantry (with little-to-no thought of actually baking bread!).

This delicious Yeast Roll recipe requires you to allow the dough to rise twice. The first time after kneading, and allowing it to set and rise for about 45 minutes. The second time is after you shape your rolls and place them in a greased baking pan (they should be left to rise again for about 30 minutes). Bake time for these rolls is significantly less than for a loaf of bread, and takes only about 20 minutes. And the key to beautiful crusty rolls is to brush the tops of them with butter after baking.

I am usually intimidated by most bread recipes, but this Yeast Roll recipe is really simple with simple, common ingredients and simple, easy-to-follow instructions. These will be some of the most delicious Yeast Rolls you’ve ever baked (or eaten)!

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