Tasty Strawberry Brownies

Brownies are a classic favourite that so many people love, but what about tasty strawberry brownies?! Here is a super tasty strawberry brownie recipe for you to try out if you are curious as to what these pink lovely treats would taste like. I had never really heard of strawberry brownies before now, so if you haven't either, then you are totally not alone. I guess there is something for everyone right, many different flavour preferences and choices! There are definitely a lot of people who love strawberry flavour, and also have strawberry desserts as their very favourite dessert. So it would seem only natural to make a strawberry version for brownies right? Well someone realized that need and has developed a recipe for them, and now we can try making them ourselves at home to see what they taste like! These are very pretty looking too. With the nice pink colour they get from the strawberry juice. They are so pink that you might want to call them 'Pinkies' instead of brownies!

Some people may think these are just more like a cake or a bar recipe, but they are much denser than that, and they have a nice glaze on top, like a chocolate brownie, these are definitely more like brownies than a cake. So if you are into trying out new things, these might just be the perfect thing to try out. You actually do use a strawberry cake mix for this dessert, but some of the other things that are usually added in with the cake mix to make it light and fluffy, are not added with this recipe, so it becomes thicker and denser, more like a brownie would be expected to be. The glaze is really simple as well, all it needs is some powdered sugar and milk. Simple as that! If you ever brought them to a party or a dinner, everyone would fall in love with them!

This recipe would be perfect for a little girl's birthday party or maybe a baby girl's baby shower! They could even be cute for Easter time. 12 Tomatoes, is where this recipe comes to us from, and is a place where you can find all sorts of recipes to try out. They not only have dessert recipes like this one, but dinner recipes and even slow cooker recipes that you can try out. You can also get a random recipe as well, which is fun! Or you can look through the Favorites section! They also have some great tips on how to pit cherries, for example, or different baking tricks that you can use in your everyday life. If you are into baking, you will definitely love this site, as it has so much to offer. This is totally one site that you will want to save in your bookmarked websites so that you can reference back to it frequently. Try out these amazing pinkies, I mean... strawberry brownies! Head over to '12 Tomatoes' for more by following the link in the section below! Enjoy!

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