Take a Look Inside This Rustic Dream Log Cabin

If you like country living, this luxury log cabin would be a dream come true. The wood cabin has a raised front porch that is the perfect place to enjoy the scenic mountain views. This beautiful log cabin design is found right at the foot of Broke Off Mountain and Carson National Forest in New Mexico. You will want to take a look inside and see for yourself; the is truly the stuff of your wildest western dreams. The log beams throughout this luxury log cabin was paired with wide wood plank floors and walls, which only add to the authentic cowboy feel of the custom wood cabin. This historic wood cabin homestead is a fully restored wood cabin, with new perimeter fencing, a new well, along with new septic, new satellite television and cell service, a new solar system with a generator backup. The luxury log cabin is located at 9000 feet and is surrounded by Carson National Forest with a live water trout stream that flows the length of the ranch. This property is the finest example of a New Mexico high mountain ranching/fishing/hunting/property. This log cabin design was for sale in 2015 for $869,000 but has since been sold.

This historic wood cabin homestead has a gorgeous fully restored luxury log cabin, which sits on 160 acres in Northern New Mexico. At first glance, the wood cabin does not disappoint; it has a raised front porch that is the perfect place to look at the sweeping mountainous views. Be prepared to be surrounded by log beams throughout the log cabin design, along with wood plank floor and walls, which only add rustic feel of the home. And if that isn't enough, you are sure to love the wood cabin's subtle details, like the cowboy boots used as decor and paintings of horses hanging on the wooden walls. But the main reason you will want to stay in this luxury log cabin is that the home is situated at the foot of Broke Off Mountain and Carson National Forest. So not only will you have beautiful views in every direction you turn, but you also won't have to go very far to find some of the best western adventures you're seeking.

The stonework in this log cabin design is what makes it stand out from anything you've seen before. The fireplace made of stone is the focal point of the open kitchen/dining and living room. Stonework is a popular addition that is often used in log cabin designs and homes. You will find stonework that has been around for thousands of years and is especially popular in places where there is lots of rock and stone that is local to the area. The stone fireplace in this beautiful log cabin design fits perfectly with the rustic walls and floors and gives the feel that the wood cabin that has been sitting there for a while. Stone fireplaces always look good whether they are found in a rustic wood cabin or a lodge retreat. Around the world, you will also find some of the oldest architectural designs that are built from stone. These stone architectural designs are sometimes circular in design and have walls that are made of flat stone slabs that are laid carefully on top of one other. Other types of prehistoric stone home designs have roofs that were made of thatch.

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