Take a Look at This Rustic 432 Square Foot Cabin, the Bathroom Sink Is a Winner!

Looking for a company to build your log house for you? Appalachian Log Homes could be the company for you. They build their homes with outstanding quality and craftsmanship, plus their homes are very energy efficient as well. This log home building is one of their many beautiful projects they'be completed over the years. This model is called the Yukon Trail, and it's located in New Zealand. The style of the build is rustic and traditional which is great for people who want that old style log cabin look. The logs are created to be block logs shaped into square form, with chinking in between. They have placed a nice front porch on the very front of the home, with an awning to protect it. The builders also added a stone platform under the deck as well as a stone chimney. Their log houses are also very energy efficient. The log house's solid log walls create heat storage which is known as thermal mass. The logs hold the heat and then slowly release it into the log house. That means lower heating and cooling bills in colder months.

There have been some studies done on the thermal mass of logs compared to the thermal mass rating of brick or drywall. The tests have been done by the National Bureau of Standards (NBS) for the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as well as the Department of Energy (DOE). The tests found that during an eleven-week period in the summer a log house used 24% less cooling energy than an insulated wood frame building. So this shows that log houses are also very good at keeping heat out of the house in the summer time to keep the house cool. So when you buy a log home you're also buying the energy efficiency they offer. The first step toward building a log house of your very own is to start looking at their home plans on their website and see which ones stick out the most to you. Which ones could you picture yourself living in the most? You could also perhaps visit a log house in your area to see a log house design first hand, or stay in a log house accomodation somewhere. Appalachian Log Homes representatives are able to help you out in this process and will assist you in designing your dream home. Then, when you have a log house design picked out and settled on, you can start the log home building process with a building budget, and you may want to seek out financing as well as any building permits.

You can start collecting log home design ideas and pictures from their photo gallery or floor plan collection and keep them in a file on your computer to referance. You can also get ideas from Pinterest or log house design magazines. This will help you get an idea of the style of log house you wish to build and how large you want it to be. A smaller log house or cabin like the Yukon Trail log house would be great for a log cabin that you use recreationally, or maybe you want a small log house like this to live in full time. They also have other log house designs to look through on their website including traditional profile, DovLoc profile, log siding, round logs and the rustic profile like you see here. Each of the profiles are beautiful in their own way, and there are options for everyone. Check out this beautiful log house and other handcrafted designs on the Allapachian Log Homes website and get inspired for your own build.***

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