Step Inside an Idyllic Countryside Home, You'll Want to Stay in the Bathroom Forever!

If you like the idea of getting away to a peaceful, quiet location this A-frame wood cabin is the place for you. The cozy one bedroom wood cabin has a loft for two or four. There are a full sized kitchen and one and a half bathrooms. There is also a piano. This cabin building is a tranquil home design that just steps away from a private lake. Oak and Pine surround you throughout the wood cabin; there is also a stone fireplace inside, the wood cabin feels like the North Woods. The A-Frame wood cabin guest house shares a five-acre compound, for a total 20 acres with the owner's residence. The A-frame wood cabin is adjacent to Volo Bog State Park. If you enjoy the sounds, smells and feel of country living you are sure to love this place. The park has a nature center, with trails and hosts a variety of flora and fauna. In addition to the great amenities, tennis, pool, table tennis, and more. There is a swimming pool, tennis court, sauna, grill, sandy beach, and bonfire area.

This A-frame wood cabin is located in Ingleside, Illinois, United States. This part of the country has a very low-density population. The area is semi-rural with five acre lots, with much of the private lake frontage and surrounding acres is owned by the state. There are plenty of deer, fox, racoons, birds, swans, geese, sandhill cranes, and egrets. There are no powerboats allowed. To get around the area, the Fox Lake Metra station is about four miles away, and about 90 minutes to Union Station. The owners cannot promise, but they may be available to pick up arriving guests from the train station. Chicago's O'Hare and Milwaukee airports are about one hour away from the wood cabin

There is something special about staying in a wood cabin or log cabin. Log cabins can be found all around the world. Log and wood cabins are popular buildings in the United Kingdom, France, Scotland, Spain, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Norway, Finland, South Africa, Thailand, and other countries around the world. Wood is both a sturdy and a natural building material, so if you're interested in a healthy lifestyle, you might consider staying in or owning a log or wood cabin. What is more, wood doesn't have any negative effects on the human's body. Log and wood cabins are perfect for people who enjoy living in a home that has a comfortable atmosphere and great home design. And it looks as though cabin buildings and wood cabins are here to stay, as new technologies make the home designs that much better. With the growing number of cabin buildings, it's clear that more and more people build wood cabins for themselves. And there is no limit to the size and style of wood cabin that you can build. Wood cabins can be small and rustic, or large; the sky is the limit. And like any home design, there are many details to keep in mind when it comes to building or buying your wood cabin.

You can build a wood cabin wherever you live; there is something about this type of build that people can't resist. Wood cabins are a very comfortable and rustic place for your friends and family members to relax and meet. What is more, cabin buildings may be used as a guest house, a garden office, a sitting room or a summer-house. You will find this A-frame wood cabin on the AirBnB site. On the site, you will find other wood cabins, cabin buildings, and home designs to rent from all around the world. **

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