See Inside This Adorable Tiny School Bus Cottage

Do you know that you can live inside a school bus? But not just live there, you can turn a school bus into a cozy home, not to mention really posh. The first time we heard about the idea, we have to be honest that it didn't sound like a good one. But once we saw that this family turned a school bus into their home that looks more than decent enough to live in, the idea didn't sound too crazy at all. Sometimes, you must see things first before you make your judgments.

Once you find out how a school bus can turn into a great home, you might think of doing the same because seriously, who wouldn't? This idea is gold! The outside appearance would never make you think that it was built out of a school bus. The whole design was perfect that it is so identical to a regular house. But it will all change when you see the driver's area. The interior is one of the most adorable things you will ever find on earth if we must say it bluntly. The pieces that you will find inside it were carefully and intricately thought of to go with the cozy feel of the bus house.

If you are thinking of converting a school bus into a tiny home as well, then that you take a look at the home that this one family created. It is impossible not to be inspired after see it. You can also create a bus house as an extension of your traditional home. If you want to have a private place where you could have a change of ambiance, then this is also ideal. Check out the 'Our Cora Bean' website and see for yourself how possible it is to live inside a school bus.

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