People Love This Beautifully Built Log Cabin

If you're considering building or buying a log house or log cabin of your very own, this could just be your chance. Little Beaver Creek Ranch used to be a Ranch Hotel, but now it's turned into a gated community with a country club for people to enjoy. All of the log cabins at Little Beaver Creek Ranch are beautifully handcrafted and filled with the coziest furniture and accessories. The Nicola Valley and Glimpse Lake are one of the beautiful areas of British Columbia. The landscape has remained untouched and is still rich with history of the original people who resided there. The first people to live in the Nicola Valley were natives of the Interior Salish group which is the largest native group in British Columbia. The Okanagan and Thompson tribes also lived in the Nicola Valley. You can enjoy walking the land and enjoying the beauty of nature while you're there and take it as a way to get back in touch with the earth. You can also do some canoeing or boating on the lake, only with electric motors though.

The log cabins at Little Beaver Creek Ranch were expertly crafted with hand hewn round logs, with stone fireplaces, and each of the wood cabins even has its own dock. One thing that all log cabins should have is a large deck to relax on, which each of their log cabins have too. Currently, there is actually one of the log cabins for sale called the Eagle Lodge. It's a two floor lodge that's about 2,900 square feet. The log cabin was built in 1992, on Glimpse Lake with private lake access and a dock. It used to be an accommodation for guests, but now it can be all yours. The cabin has four bedrooms, four bathrooms which would make it a great log cabin for hosting guests. There is also the possibility of splitting the house up into two units for those who would rather have something a bit smaller. The Eagle Lodge is so beautiful, with two fire places and lots of space in the living area. It's beautifully finished with new furniture that goes with a log cabin theme. The craftsmanship of the log cabin is amazing, done in the traditional way, so it would be a masterpiece to own. It's probably not too common for these log houses or cabins to become available for sale either so this could be a chance of a lifetime.

Since Little Beaver Creek Ranch is a gated community, it's not possible to stay there overnight, but you can probably schedule a viewing of the house if you're really interested in buying it. You could stay nearby in Quilchena Lake or perhaps camp nearby. Buying a log cabin that's already been built is a great alternative to building one yourself from scratch. You don't have to worry about all of the planning that goes into building a log cabin or house, and it may also end up costing you less to purchase one that's already standing as opposed to building a brand new one which can get pretty expensive. If you're considering buying a cabin in British Columbia, this could be a great option. It's nice and close to Kamloops as well as the Okanogan Valley which is home to Kelowna and Pentiction which are beautiful places to visit year round. So if you're in the market looking at log cabin designs, check out this Eagle Lodge and see if it's something you'd love to own. There are also properties for sale on the lake that they have listed on their website so you could build a new log cabin as well.***

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