Only for People Who Are Dreaming to Build a Log Home, but Don't Know Where to Start

Does your favourite daydream involve building your own log home? Do you want to bring this dream into reality, but dont know where to begin? The first step is watching this Oakridge Virtual Tour by Why? Because they show you just how easy it really is!Log cabin living is becoming more popular with each passing day. There are so many reasons for this, but a lot of them have to do with getting back to the basics and living closer to Mother Nature. And, when log cabin homes are built properly and conscientiously, they dont tax the environment either. The talented team over at eLogHomes understand this, and thats why their tagline is the affordable shade of green! They will design and build a log cabin home that you can afford, and you can rest assured that it will co-exist harmoniously with the land it sits on.

This particular log cabin is called the Oakridge, and it sure has a lot going for it, including 2,046 square feet, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms. Its built with an open concept as well, totally maximizing the use of space! More importantly, it has an enormous kitchen, so theres plenty of room to create your favourite meals. If you look at the exterior, youll see it has three gorgeous gables that really set off the roof nicely, and downstairs, it has a beautiful wrap-around porch. With the Oakridge log cabin, you not only have space indoors, but you've also got space outdoors, too! Lets go inside and have a look around so you can see for yourself! Lets climb those front stairs and enter by the green door. Whats the first thing we see? The beautiful wood-burning fireplace, which should always be the centerpiece of any home home is where the hearth is, right? Next, we notice the perfectly-placed French doors and windows that drown the Great Room in so much light, really accentuating every aspect of the hardwood floors, walls and cathedral ceiling.

From the Great Room, you also have access to the lovely wraparound porch. Imagine going out there in the early morning to sit and sip your coffee while the sun comes up. Or you could sit out here at night, watching the stars. You wont even have to worry about the weather because this porch is fully covered so if its raining, youll stay dry and if its sunny, you can always find a shady corner to cool off in. In addition to the bright, airy kitchen, youll be very happy to know theres also a laundry room in the vicinity as well as a full bath. Its always a wise idea to have a bathroom close to the kitchen so you and the kids can wash up before preparing meals and before eating them as well!

The first floor of the Oakridge log home is so big that it also includes two bedrooms one in the front and one in the back. Geez, all this space and we havent even gone up those stairs yet. Dont know about you, but its always exciting to venture upstairs in any log cabin the loft is always such a mysterious, nest-like space. Lets go! Upstairs, we have the gorgeous landing that overlooks the living room area below. From this vantage point, the space of this place is almost dizzying. You feel like youre on top of the world! From up here, we can truly appreciate all of the craftsmanship that has gone into this gorgeous log cabin from top to bottom, from inside to out.

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