Old West Inspired Luxury Rustic Log Cabin In Big Sky Montana

Foxtail Residence is a rustic country mountain lodge located in Big Sky, Montana built entirely of rustic logs and featuring lots of reclaimed building materials. The beautiful wood cabin was designed by Faure Halvorsen Architects and constructed by Teton Heritage Builders. The architectural design and interior design of the cabin building is a blend of Old West and New West styles. Inside you will find exposed beams, natural wood railings, natural stone stairs, stone fireplaces, and wood panel walls. The interior also has rustic wood flooring throughout the wood cabin design that creates an atmosphere that is rustic and cozy. The Western theme in this log house design is further highlighted by the furnishings like the authentic saddle bar stools, the cowhide footstool and the vintage snowshoe coffee table.

The use of reclaimed lumber in this luxury wood cabin is just one of the things that make it stand out. There are many benefits of using reclaimed lumber that is not just confined to helping the environment. Reclaimed lumber is often from very old building and structures which were formed of wood that came from mature trees. Today, the demand for virgin lumber means that trees grown commercially are rarely matured long enough to reach their full-size potential. The wood that is used from mature trees is stronger and less prone to splitting, as is lumber that has been exposed to the elements over a period. The lumber in old buildings and structures has expanded and contracted over the years and has completely dried out, which makes it more durable and less prone to warping and splitting. Old lumber also tends to have a dense grain that makes it more stable. One of the most important aspects of using reclaimed lumber is its character. Every section of wood has a story, and no two pieces of lumber are identical, giving depth and unique character to everything that is made from the wood.

Reclaimed lumber can also have some drawbacks. The fact that the lumber has been weathered and aged making each piece unique is one of its greatest qualities but can also be a bit tricky to some people who do not favor the non-uniform appearance and look of flooring or furniture that is made from it. Reclaimed lumber can also have some scars and indentations caused by the removal of old nails and pegs. This type of wood can also be more expensive to produce than virgin lumber due to the demands of dismantling, sorting and the preparation. There have also been concerns voiced about the weak provenance of some lumber. And as far as building with reclaimed lumber it should always be remembered that reclaimed lumber is in itself a finite resource. In the meantime, reclaimed lumber provides a valuable source of characterful building material for producing furniture, flooring and architectural features.

This Big Sky wood cabin is just one of the log cabin designs you will find on the Faure Halvorsen Architects site. Faure Halvorsen Architects is an architectural design firm that is nationally recognized. This architectural design firm is based in Bozeman, Montana. Their design team provides architectural design, consulting, engineering, land planning, and interior design services throughout the Western United States. On their architectural design site, you will see their gallery of residences, commercial, ranches, luxury log house designs, new projects, luxury log cabins and more. This is just one of the wood cabins you will see on the Home Design Ideas YouTube channel. On the site, you will find other log house designs, cabin buildings, wood cabins, home designs, interior designs and so much more. **

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