Magnificent Full Log Crafted Home in Gravenhurst, Canada

Feast your eyes on this impressive custom log house. This is an award-winning log house design that won an award from the Ontario Home Builders Association in 2007. With over 4,100 square feet of luxury, it's no wonder this log home has been snatched up after being on the market in 2014. People are often looking for log house designs to gain inspiration from when they're building their own log house. The first thing that needs to be sorted out is the design of the house, and once that's done, you can move onto the building process. This log home looks like it was built by professional log home craftsmen, most likely local to the area. It's great to use local craftsmen and to support the local mills and businesses when building any home. When building a log house, it's also important to consider the source of the logs that are being used in the log home building process. You might want to consider only using logs that come from sustainable tree plantations, ones that must adhere to strict specifications and methods. For every tree cut down to be used as building materials, there will be more planted in its place to keep the trees growing and the supplies coming.

This particular log house is a full scribed round log house built in the traditional log home building style. The logs are expertly scribed and notched to fit together, stacked on top of each other to form the strong walls of the log house design. The home is located in Gravenhurst, Ontario in Canada which is a town in the Muskoka Region, an area known for its amazing cabin life and recreational properties. There are many impressive properties in this region, many of them log houses like this one. The listing even shows some aerial footage of the home which shows off its incredible facade and lake side views. The home features dozens of windows throughout, which give the inhabitants incredible views of the natural landscapes surrounding them. Not to mention the huge deck which would be the perfect place to survey the water to see if it would be a good day for boating or maybe even fishing. The boat house on this property is a whole other house and would most likely serve as a guest house for visitors. Complete with a boat launch and dock it would be the perfect place to store water toys.

Inside the home, the floorplan is just as impressive as the exterior view. The kitchen is an absolute dream, with open ceilings and a large island space to really sprawl out when cooking or baking looking out over the living room area which would be perfect for entertaining. There's even a games room and an in house office space for those who work from home. This log house design is nothing short of amazing, and you're sure to be inspired by it. Even if you're not building a log house as large as this one, there are still some great design ideas to take away from the home to implement into your design no matter how big it is. You can begin by sketching out some of your home design ideas and jotting down the design ideas you like in other log house designs. Looking through photos like these ones and checking out different log home building companies in your area is a great way to narrow down the type and style of log house you want to go with as your own. Enjoy the photo video tour of this log house and check out more from the Sotheby's International Realty YouTube channel.***

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