Little Adorable Log Cabin in the Woods

Have you ever dreamed about having a little adorable log cabin in the woods like this one? If so, you're not alone. Log cabins seem to be quite desirable many folks who like to use their small log cabins as places to retreat to when life gets hectic. Wood cabins serve as a place to enjoy some peace and quiet within the privacy and beauty of the forest. Surrounded by trees, the log cabin can be the perfect place to take vacations year round. Connecting with nature is so important especially these days where so many people work jobs that require them to be on computers all day long. It would be wonderful to take a break from all the screens and just got back to basics in a cabin you could call your home away from home, just like this one from log cabin manufacturer Nordhaus. Nordhaus is a company located in Italy, and their small log cabins can be ordered online to anywhere in Europe and perhaps worldwide. You can connect with the company directly through ArchiProducts website where this cute log cabin is featured.

ArchiProducts features different log cabin builders from all over Europe bringing the best products together to show people what's available out there. This way, everything is in one place so prospective customers can compare designs and prices to find the type of home they're looking for. This sweet cabin is constructed with beautiful, full rounded logs with a very simple design profile. The full logs provide the best structure and the best insulation for the home which will ensure the cabin can last well over a lifetime and will keep warm on even the coldest of days. Wood cabins like this and are perfect for colder climates like you would find in Northern Europe and the Northern parts of the United States and Canada. They would also be best heated by a wood burning fireplace or even a propane-powered one since everyone knows that wood cabins are not complete without a fireplace in them. The little cabin you see here looks like it houses a wood-burning for a place within it, you can tell by the smoke billowing out of the home in the wood outside the front door for easy access. The house has one level as well as well as what appears to be a loft area which is always great to have as a sleeping area or a storage space for seasonal gear. Even though the windows in this cabin are not all that large, they are spread out so that each room has a window in it. It's better for the thermodynamics of the home to keep the window smaller especially in a severely cold climate, so there are fewer areas for the heat to escape.

Nordhaus also has a few other home designs on the ArchiProducts website that you can look at, which are more along the lines of apartments and more contemporary styles of homes. They also feature design elements for the interior design of the home, as well as garden and yard accessories and buildings. If you're just planning on using a log cabin for recreational use, small log cabins like this one should suit your needs just fine. There's no sense in buying something larger especially if you're only going to use it occasionally and for the rest of the time, it just sits empty. You can always build onto a home to expand it, or build other small buildings on your property to house other people. Enjoy having a look through all of the great designs and ideas from ArchiProducts.***

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