If You Think it Looks Nice Inside... You Need to See the OUTSIDE

Want to settle down but are feeling a bit restless? Always loved log cabins and trailers and don’t know which one to buy? Well then why not check out this amazing 400 Sq. Ft. Custom Log Cabin on Wheels? It’s beautiful, mobile, and surprisingly spacious!

This gorgeously crafted mobile log cabin is made from solid oak and can be moved wherever you like. If you get bored of one plot, then you can find another one and move there! Some people also need to relocate frequently due to their career or studies. Does this sound familiar? Imagine always having the continuity of one consistent home – no matter where you live! Seriously, this log cabin actually comes on wheels! Made by Gastineau Log Homes, it is part of their “Log Cabins 2 Go” series – an entire collection that’s been built on trailers! Inside, there’s a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, upstairs loft, living area, and outside, there’s even a front porch! There are lots of pictures to look at on the website, including the detailed floor plan. It’s amazing what people can do with just four hundred square feet!

Gastineau Log Homes is based in New Bloomfield, Missouri, and they specialize in beautiful log cabin homes – mobile as well as stationary – all made from exquisite oak logs. If you know anything about oak, you will know it is one of the most solid, sturdy, and enduring trees you can find. These log cabins are built to last! Oak is also extremely beautiful, with a lovely grain of wood, as well as energy efficient – it will keep the heat in and the cold out on those long winter nights.

Want to learn more about this beautiful mobile log home? Then head on over to the “Good Home Design” website by following the link in the description below!

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