HEXAGON House Feels Surprisingly Spacious Inside MUST SEE

Having a house is a blessing, and it should be a good goal, but having a unique house is another. Not a lot of people spend their time and effort to make their shelters look different from the others. And today, you will be driven to do that once you see this house that we are about to feature. The outward look of the house and its environment matter as well; contribute to the overall look of the house. Some people would argue that it is all about the interior design, but we beg to disagree with them.

Take a look at this house shaped in hexagon, as this is probably one of the most uniquely shaped homes you will encounter online. Situated in Czech Republic, specifically in the village of Křivoklátsko Protected Landscape Area. Note that building a new house here is not allowed. BUT if you will just rebuild or renovate an existing house and still maintain the size of it, then you won’t have a problem with their land rules. A.LT Architekti, a company that provides architectural services worked their magic on this specific house and turned this old house from the 50’s into a modern looking one.

The house's location is on a hillside with the forest in its background. If you want to wake up in the morning seeing a beautiful view outside your window, this house is perfectly the right one for you. It is seated right in a valley, so you will be able to see a village below it. The interior of the house was made neat and pleasing to the eyes. They went for a minimalist’s design and that’s what made this house even more attractive, since less is more.

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