Here's a Log Home That Can Make Winter the Best Season Ever

No matter how many log homes you see, there is always something a bit different about each one, and this Log Home 62 is no different. From its large upstairs roof dormer to its front covered porch, log posts, large logs, log railings and nice corner joints, every detail makes this log home unique. There is a certain comfort and warmth that comes from living or staying in a log cabin or log home.

Log homes and log cabins are built with natural materials, which is just one of the many reasons to love them. We know that they come from a renewable material, they are part of nature, and, therefore, healthier to live in. Log homes and log cabins look almost as good in the city as they do in the wilderness. There is something majestic and strong about log homes. We also know that log homes and log cabins are some of the most durable and weather resistant homes you will find in the world. They are known to hold up in earthquakes, tornados and fires. Of course, a lot of that depends on the logs that are used, the log home builder that builds the log home, the log home techniques that are used and the way the logs are cared for.

This log home was built by Pioneer Log Homes of British Columbia, Canada. They build some of the most beautiful log homes in the world and have become known for their high level of quality and craftsmanship. They handcraft each beautiful cedar log home and log cabin that they build so you know your log home will stand the test of time. Each log has a unique look from the next, with each log being hand-peeled at their building sites using a drawknife, all the corner notches being hand-polished, and all of the logs for their log home builds being dimensioned and fitted precisely for the best performance, character and artistry. All the joinery of the logs is a true work of art, with them being finished in an age-old European process. Each log used to build their log homes is seasoned, and air dried to help control shrinking. This process also helps to ensure that your custom log home will need very little adjustment and maintenance after it's completed.

When Pioneer Log Homes build your log home, they do the preliminary log home construction of the log shell package at their site in Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada. They finish the log ends with options such as smooth-faced Yukon finish, Alaskan finish, or gentle scrolled timber arches. Then once every log home detail is crafted to perfection, and the log-only structure of the log home is complete, each log is then tagged, numbered, and transported directly to your building site. Every log is then reassembled along with any finishing touches to re-erect your dream home.

Pioneer Log Homes build their log homes to withstand every type of weather and natural disasters that may happen. Their log homes are known to withstand high annual rainfall and snowfall, severe winds, extreme climates and even earthquakes. Wood is known to perform better in earthquakes than any other type of building materials, even better than concrete and steel. Wood also has great acoustic capabilities that can absorb sound, which helps to reduce echoeing and noise in your new log home.

Their log home builds are engineered and designed for each area they are built in. They factor in exposures to severe winds, sunlight, climate change, and earthquakes.

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