Here Is the Hose Trick You Will Wish You Had Seen Sooner

Having a garden is one of the many pleasures in life and if you have a garden you know how enjoyable it can be to go out and tend to it. Watering your garden is probably on the top of your list each day too and if your water faucet is hard to reach it can make things a little tricky. Sometimes whoever built the home put the faucet in the strangest place, and unless you attach a hose to it, you may be unable to reach it at all. Like in Alicia's garden where she found that her faucet was tucked behind a garden bed and she didn't want to have to run a hose through it which would maybe ruin her landscaping. So if you have a tricky to reach faucet like this, and don't want to use a hose, you can build a hose extender. This will essentially be a post that sticks out of the ground near your faucet but in a much more accessible area. So decide where you would like your hose extender to be and mark the spot. Then, you'll dig a hold about 10 inches deep.

You're going to need to get some things at the hardware store for his diy project. Alicia went to Lowe's which is an awesome store to get all of your diy supplies at. Make a list of all the items you'll need for this diy project including a post sleeve, 3/4 inch PVC pipe, 2 PVC elbows, 2 PVC fittings with threaded and smooth ends, PVC primer and cement, outdoor faucet, hook, two 12 inch pieces of rebar, cement, and a post cap. Once you have all the needed materials you need for this diy project, and you've dug your hole, you can begin to make your hose extender. Get your post sleeve and measure from the bottom part of the post up to where the garden hose will be, then also add on the length that the post will be buried into the ground. Alicia measured 12 inches to bury in the ground and then 2 inches where the hose will be inserted. Then, on the top do the same thing, but this time for the faucet at the top of the post where the water will come out. She measured 5 inches from the top. Drill a hole that's about the size of your PVC pipe with a drill bit the appropriate size. For example, if your PVC pipe is 3/4 of an inch, then go with a drill bit that's 1 inch.

Next, you'll measure the space in between the two holes and then cut your PVC pipe to that length. Then, cut the PVC pipe with a saw and take your pipe cement to glue the elbows on either end of the PVC pipe. Face the elbows the opposite way, the faucet will be facing the front, and the hose connection will be facing the back. Then insert the pipe into the sleeve and get the elbows into their holes and glue them in place. Attach the faucet with a PVC fitting that can be glued on one end, and that has threading on the other end. Once the glue on the fitting is completely dry, you can screw the faucet onto the fitting. Do the same for the garden hose elbow. Then you'll create a cross with the rebar at the bottom of the post to give it some stability. Then, you'll simply put the post in the hole you dug and pour in your cement mixture to keep it nice and strong. Then, you can bury your hose in the dirt too. Enjoy this, and other great do it yourself home improvements from Hometalk, the world's largest diy ideas community.***

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