Handcrafted Amish 2 Bedroom Log Home's Staircase Is Just One of Its Best Features

When you're planning on building a log home or a vacation cabin, it's important to consider a few things before you choose the plan you're going to build. You'll want to consider things like the floor plan and the size of the log cabin of course, as well as the company you'll get to build your log cabin or home. You will also want to consider the amount you're willing to pay for your log cabin and look into financing for your project. One of the other things you might be interested in looking into if you want to limit your carbon foot print is the impact your building will have on the environment. This will include the building materials that are used to build the log cabin or home. Well, you may be pleasantly surprised to find out that the overall sustainability of log cabins happens to exceed the sustainability of stick-framed houses. Also, they stay warmer than drywall houses do in the winter and cooler in the summer because of their thermal mass. So this will usually have a positive effect on your heating and cooling bills.

Buying an Amish built log cabin like this one will ensure that it's built with the highest quality materials, with traditional, time-tested techniques. The best way to get a genuine, rustic style log cabin like this one, called the Green Gables, is to have it handcrafted by a talented craftsman from a company like Meadowlark Log Homes. The other way to get a rustic style log cabin is to build it yourself. You would have to learn a lot about log cabin designs and log home building before you were to take on the task of building your own log cabin or home. Then there are also log home building kits you can purchase online, but usually, these will be manufactured by machines instead of handcrafted by talented craftsmen. So it would have more of a modern look than a rustic log cabin like this would.

The Green Gables log cabin is one of the smaller log cabins from Meadowlark Log Homes, and it's actually been one of their top log cabin designs for many years. In this log cabin, there's one bedroom as well as a loft above for extra sleeping space or storage space. There's also a bathroom in the floor plan which makes it feel more like home. It's a 24 foot by 32 foot cabin with 1,049 square feet of space inside the cabin with a 372 square foot deck area, which would be awesome for extending the living space outdoors. The pre-assembled log cabin costs $34,787 US and can be delivered right to your building site. Meadowlark Log Homes is an Amish company with a very long history of building log cabins, houses, barns, and sheds. This is a company you can trust to build your dream cabin or home. You can look through all of their beautiful log cabin designs and see which ones call out to you the most. They have many other log cabin designs as well as log home designs and chalets or lodges. Some of the plans are pretty impressive and large and pretty inspiring to look at. These log cabin designs are perfect for you if you're looking for an authentic log cabin design that is reminiscent of the older cabins that formed history. You can also watch a video of the log cabin too, to get a better idea of what it looks like in person. Enjoy having a look and getting inspired by these beautiful log cabin designs from Meadowlark Log Homes.***

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