GreenPods: Sustainable Living From The Inside Out

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There are many ways to live an environmentally friendly life, from the home you choose to live in, the food you eat, and the products you buy. These "GreenPods: Sustainable Living From The Inside Out," are an excellent example of how you can start living a more sustainable life with the house you live in.

The GreenPod designs range in size from 300-800 square feet, and if you need extra space they can be joined, and stacked according to your needs. The 302 square foot GreenPod small home starts at $60,000, and there is a 372 square foot model that also starts at $60,000. One of the pods main goals is to visually enlarge the living spaces of the home while reducing its environmental footprint, this is achieved with movable walls, multiuser furnishings, lighting and windows, the GreenPods are an excellent choice in small home and tiny home sustainable living. The GreenPods are FSC certified and BuiltGreen, they have energy efficient appliances, non toxic and recycled materials for a healthier indoor environment and a healthier planet.

Tiny home, micro home and small home living is a good choice for people hoping to own their home outright, as many small home owners do, it is a good way to have more savings in the bank, and with a small home there is less space to fill with unnecessary stuff, and by buying less stuff for your small home, and only the essential things that you need, you will in turn save money. There are so many ways to build a small home, from container homes, prefab homes, small cabins, beach shack, beach cottages, micro homes, strawbale homes, prefab houses, prefab cabins, tiny house plans, cob houses and off grid homes.

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