From $750 to $1.67... The Travel Trailer Door Fix and a Lesson

Donna of Funky Junk Interiors is a proud believer in the notion that everything can be repaired. She's full of diy ideas but admits that fixing the door on her travel trailer was hardly at the top of her list of things to do. Donna wasn't quite sure when the problem actually began to develop, but after months of ignoring it, she found herself unable to fully close the door. Bending down to take a closer look, Donna discovered that the frame and hinges had come apart. Not quite ready to commit to a do it yourself home improvement to repair the broken door on her trailer, Donna called in to request the price of a new door. It turns out that replacing the door would cost $750. Moreover, Donna would have to wait several weeks before her new trailer door arrived. Not unfamiliar with the power of do it yourself home improvements, Donna still needed some coaxing from a sales rep. He attempted to remind her that there was always ways to save by simply implementing the right diy ideas. The very best diy ideas often result in considerable savings for consumers. In fact, diy ideas are often the best way to go whenever something like this needs fixed. He asked Donna why the door was malfunctioning. With a few diy ideas already brimming in her head, Donna stooped down to inspect the door and discovered that a chunk of wood right where the door was latching on had rotted apart. Finally, the sales rep advised Donna to put on her tool belt and put her diy ideas to work. It was definitely time for the design enthusiast to implement a do it yourself home improvement project. Nonetheless, Donna did not believe herself capable of handling this task on her own. Moreover, she had plenty of other projects to do.

Eager to sidestep the costs of investing in a new door, however, Donna attempted to clear her head. This was not the first time that she'd been encouraged to use a do it yourself home improvements to bring her travel trailer back up to speed. This aging trailer is constantly racking up repair costs. While still pouting, Donna began considering the range of diy ideas that might be suitable for completing this important door repair. A small piece of rotted wood fell out right during her inspection. So, Donna started coaxing herself to break the door down. This may have been one of her best diy ideas yet. Once she removed the three screws for each latch, Donna knew that she could take the door apart and work backwards to put it all together again. If you ever have any special repair projects to do, this is an excellent technique to use. Keep this in mind during your own do it yourself home improvements.

Like all good diy ideas for repairs, this project wound up being quite simple. Donna simply needed to pull out and replace the piece of rotted wood so that the door could again latch properly. Luckily, Donna found the perfect piece of wood at a local hardware store. Unfortunately, however, the board needed to be shaved and shaped for a seamless fit. The good news is that Donna was able to get help from her neighbors. Otto and Kathy are a kind couple who are always willing to help their fellow community members who have projects to do. Otto assisted in finding the perfect tool for cutting the wood down and Kathy found loose screws and helped hold the heavy door up while it was being put back in place. The entire cost of this project was just $1.67 which shows just how well diy ideas can be when it comes to saving both money and time.

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