Explore This 272 Square Foot Log Cabin and Its Unique Octagonal Pavilion Design

Thinking of building a small log cabin? This is the Toulouse model, a prefabricated log cabin from Barretts, a company selling prefabricated wood cabins, sheds, gazebos, and more from the United Kingdom. If you want to build your own log cabin, using a prefab kit is a great way to get the job done. In a prefab kit, you'll receive everything you'll need to construct the structure you want. Barretts only uses the most high quality, carefully selected logs for their prefab structures and home design. All of the materials are also environmentally friendly and come from Northern European Sustainable Forests which is the responsible way to build. When you order a prefab log cabin, you'll get a package of pieces that have been pre cut and labelled for building efficiency. Which means you can build your own log cabin in a very short time period. Some people are able to build some of the smaller log cabins and units in just a few days.

The wood in these prefab kits will not be treated, but you can get a coloured glaze or solid coloured finish in your choice of two colours if you want for an extra fee. You can also add shingles on the roof of the cabin, so it will be protected from the rain and snow. Customers can choose from rectangular or round felt shingles in a variety of colours. There's also the option of the amourglass shingle as well which is a thicker option. Building a log cabin, you'll need a solid, flat foundation to build on first. You'll need to ensure that it's completely level and strong so the building can sit properly on the ground. Getting the foundation in place is up to the client and must be completed before the kit arrives if you want to start building right away. Most companies do not install the foundation for you, so you'll have to hire another contractor to pour a foundation, or learn how to create one yourself. Before you order your log cabin designs, you'll also want to consider where you're going to put your log cabin. Choose a flat piece of land that will be easiest to build on, since you'll be building the kit yourself; you want to ensure that it will be as easy as possible.

You can also hire a contractor to help you out when you're building the kit or have some friends help you out. These small log cabin kits are great for those who just want a small cabin to use as a retreat, or a small little space in their backyard to use as an office space, or a guest house. Some people use them as home gyms or artist studios as well. This log cabin is especially nice because it has two levels. The main level features a nice little kitchen with cabinets, and the ability to install a little fridge and a sink. You would have to buy all of the appliances as these are not included in the kits either. There's a lovely spiral staircase in the centre of the home which leads up to the second level where a bed could fit perfectly. The shape of the home design affords lots of space within the log cabin too providing a nice, open, yet warm space. This would also work as a nice tiny house to live in if you want to downsize, or perhaps even a rental property on your lot. The options are endless. Check out the Toulouse model and others from Barretts and see which one would suit your needs best.***

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