Explore Creekside: It's the Perfect Expression of Simplicity

There are so many great log cabin designs out there, and they're all beautiful and unique in their own way. This is the Creekside log cabin from Coventry Log Homes, and it's one of the nice, smaller log cabins that you could imagine finding out in the middle of a forest, used as a cabin for recreational use or for hunting or fishing trips. This is the type of bare-bones cabin you purchase when you don't desire anything fancy, a home away from home. Perfect for staying in while you're skiing, or hiking, or when you just need time away from the stresses of life. If you've been thinking about building a log cabin of your own, then you should consider having a look at this log cabin design and some of the other designs from Coventry Log Homes, a company operating out of Woodsville, New Hampshire. They have a wide range of log cabin kits that you can build yourself easily, or you can hire a professional contractor to build it for you.

Purchasing a log cabin kit is a great way to build your log cabin. You can choose from the designs on the Coventry Log Homes website and find one that suites your needs the best, or you can modify their designs to suit your preferences. Even though they are built from kits, each of the wood cabins will look unique when they're built by different people. No two will end up looking exactly the same in the end. This log cabin known as the Creekside, comes in two different sizes the 4 foot by 8 foot Complete Package for $30,350 or the 6foot by 8foot Complete Package for $34,300. The cozy cabin would be the perfect size for a small family or a couple, with 2 bedrooms and one bathroom in 537 square feet of space. In the kitchen, there is more than enough room for cooking and eating. The living room could fit a futon or a sofa be in it, plus there are the two rooms for sleeping. The large bedroom can fit a queen bed, and the smaller room can fit a set of bunk beds in it. There's also a loft over the bathroom and bedrooms which would make a great space for storing extra supplies and outdoor gear or serve as a third sleeping space.

The design for the Creekside log cabin works so well, and the place doesn't even feel too cluttered. The high ceilings also help in making the cabin feel larger than it is which is nice, and the windows that come with the kit also open the space up to the outdoors which also creates the illusion of more space. The only thing to keep in mind with The Recreational Cabin Series from Coventry Log Homes is that the cabins are not intended for full-time use, and they were only designed for recreational use as a cabin. This means they might not meet residential codes. You can check in with your local codes and bylaws to see for sure. You get everything you need in the complete packages to build your log cabin; you can also get a simpler cabin kit with just the materials to build the shell of the log cabin or just the logs. If you're building for the first time, it's advisable to purchase the complete kit, so you have everything you need to build the entire structure. Have a look at this and more log cabin designs from Coventry Log Homes and see which cabin you could see yourself in.***

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