Enjoy the Morning and Evening Sun to the Fullest in This Lovely Log Cabin

Vacationing is fun no matter where you're going or staying, but it can be especially exciting to stay in a gorgeous log house like this one. Log houses have always been revered as one of the top choices for housing, even before the time that America was founded by the Europeans. Countries like Sweden and Scandinavia had been building log houses long before their citizens began to make the move over to North America. The settlers brought their tradition of log home building to the United States and Canada and began teaching other European settlers the art of building with logs. The first log houses to be built in the new settlements on the East coast of the US and Canada were smaller log houses and cabins that could accommodate a family until they were able to build a larger home for themselves. In these days everything was built by hand, and all of the cuts and notches were created by handheld tools and required a lot of precision and skill. There are still log home building experts who handcraft log houses just like the one you see here from Wildnis Leben, and these craftsmen are known for their amazing talent and proficiency in building traditional style log houses.

In Europe, especially in places like Sweden, Scandinavia, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, log houses and cabins are plentiful. The log houses for rent you see here are located in jarn, Strmsund in Sweden, which would be the perfect place to stay in a traditional log house. Here you see their largest log house, or blockhaus as they like to call it over in Europe. The design is absolutely gorgeous, and it includes all of the comforts of home to keep you feeling content during your stay. This log house is located at the top of a peninsula which overlooks the whole farm area of Wildnis Leben, giving you amazing views of the whole lot. Lake jarn is only 50 meters away, and there are canoes that can be used during the stay. Out on the lake, there are little islands that can be explored which would be a lovely way to spend a warm afternoon. The log house has a really spacious, yet cozy floor plan, with space to sleep 4 people and two more mattresses can be brought in to fit 2 more people for an extra charge. Like most rental homes, the cabin comes with everything needed to enjoy a stay, including all of the cookware and dining ware for making and eating meals from home. There is also a nice dining room table to accommodate several people.

No log house would be complete without a fireplace, which this log house has. It's located right in the middle of the home for optimal heating, and it will also provide that cozy ambiance at night time. The photos show the home glowing with the candle and fire light at night time, which looks so inviting. Even in the winter this log house looks so beautiful covered in a thick blanket of snow. This log home building project was created out of all full, round logs which is what the traditional cabins and homes were always built out of. This gives you a sense of what it may have been like in past days, living in a log house in nature. If you're considering living in or building a log house of your own, it's a great idea to stay in a variety of log houses like this one so you can discover what you really like and don't like to create your own unique design.***

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