Earthy and elegant house in Mexico: Wood, Water, Wow!

For those who love nature this earthy and elegant house in Mexico has all of the perfect elements. The home was built primarily out of wood for a natural approach, encapsulating the true essence of the forest bringing nature indoors. The home and floor plan for the house was designed by Taller Hector Barroso, an architecture firm out of Mexico City. The firm has built many residences of a similar architectural quality and style which is beautifully modern. Their home design makes great use of straight angles and edges, with a square and rectangular profile, which is a style of architecture often found in Mexico, even in the more primitive buildings. The floor plan of this home is created to be a multi level home made up of boxed shaped rooms that all interconnect in an extremely creative way. The designers have even incorporated balconies off of some of the upper rooms to create these little private oasis's around the home. Using mainly wood on the exterior and interior of the home, you can see just how gorgeous a lighter toned wood can be within a home. Going with a darker wood could only darken the interior, which closes it up like a cave. Multiple floor to ceiling windows also aid in the expansion of the interior environment, and create unobstructed views into the outside world.

Choosing a place to build a home can be almost as hard as choosing the design for the build. In this case, the owners and the architects chose a beautiful location for the house, surrounded in nature with plenty of trees and vegetation. The dream house plans also include an infinity pond right beside the home, with floating platforms to walk on. The window in the kitchen peers directly out to the pond which exudes a peaceful zen effect that everyone loves in modern architecture. Even though there is wonderful dining within the house, there is also outdoor dining as well, which is very common in a warm place like Mexico. Imagine eating alfresco out on the patio on a warm evening, lit by candles and patio lanterns. It would be the perfect place to enjoy breakfast in the morning with the sunlight pouring in. This house, like all of the others form Taller Hector Barroso architects is something to be desired and could have you inspired to update your own dream house plans.

Creating your dream house plans can be as easy as choosing a floor plan online, making the necessary adjustments and building, but custom home design like these homes can be much more complicated. Working with an architecture firm like Taller Hector Barroso ensures getting a unique floor plan like no other, something that is all your own. To get started on designing your own home floor plans, just start sketching out ideas on paper. Or, if you're computer savvy you can draw the plans up in a program like Sketch Up. Then you bring your plans into an architecture firm or a designer and have them make the plans for you. It's important to have a good working relationship with your designer since you'll be in constant communication about your project, making tweaks to the plan here and there. Also, when you're building a home, be sure you spend some time on the land deciding where will be the perfect place to build it, because once it's built, it can't be moved. So note the patterns of the sun and the different views surrounding the space where the home will be. Enjoy looking at this incredible project and others on Trendir and be sure to bookmark your favorite ones.***

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