Dr. Suess' house in real world!

This log cabin design is like nothing you've seen before, and you will want to take a closer look at this original and fun design. The wood cabin looks like something out of a Dr. Suess book and was built by Alaska Attorney Phillip Weidner. The cabin design began as a 40 foot by 40-foot wood cabin but eventually grew into eight stories. Located in Goose Creek, Alaska, the wood cabin is known as the Goose Creek Tower House. Some people also refer to the unique log cabin design as the Dr. Seuss tower. The wood cabin is stacked at 185 feet high. And the wood cabin cannot go any higher as federal airspace starts at 200 feet. To make the wood cabin even cooler, there is a hidden escape tunnel that leads to a safe room in the basement level. This wood cabin is unique and interesting, to say the least. The Goose Creek Tower is in the middle of the beautiful Alaskan wilderness. From the top lookout point on the tower, you can see over 300 miles in all directions. The log cabin design really started out as a simple wood cabin but as it grew and grew it has become something short of a legend or out of a movie. The view from this unique wood cabin is spectacular from all the upper levels. The wood cabin is unfinished and has been for the past 15 years. The owner one day plans to put a telescope at the top of the log house design along with a radio station. You will want to take a look at this unique wood cabin photo gallery.

There are many ways to live the off-grid life, and this unique wood cabin design is just one of them. Living in such a remote location in Alaska is a dream for people who want to get away from it all and not be so reliant on main power sources. There are all sorts of ways to live an off-grid life from using a green roof on a wood cabin to keep your house warm and more energy efficient to installing solar panels for electricity. This unique wood cabin design would make for the ultimate off-grid cabin as it is in such an open space it would be ideal for solar panels, possibly a windmill and other ideas that would make it self-sufficient to live in.

Living in a wood cabin that is off the grid typically means that the wood cabin or log house design is not connected to the main power grid that most people rely on. Living an off grid life usually, means that the wood cabin or log house design is not connected to the main power grid. Off grid, living means that the log house design or home is off the grid and is not connected to the national or main electrical grid. An off grid wood cabin can rely on a power system of its own or a mini-grid. Off grid wood cabin electricity is an approach to access electricity that is used in some countries and areas that have little or no access to electricity, due to the distant or scattered populations. Wood cabins that are off the grid can refer to living in log house designs that are self-sufficient and do not rely on one or more public utilities.

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