Disturbing Disney: 15 Of Your Favorite Disney Films With Horrifying Origins

Disney movies were a magical part of everyone's childhood. While we were ignorantly enjoying these films, thinking that they were innocent, there was actually a more sinister origin to these stories. Learn about the true outcomes of these classic tales (hint: happy endings are few and far between) that will destroy how you think of these movies from now on.

1. The Little Mermaid

In Hans Christian Andersen's original tale, the mermaid still makes a deal with the sea witch, except instead of giving up her beautiful voice for legs, she has her tongue cut out. Ouch. As well, the mermaid's new legs make her feel as if she is always walking on sharp knives (I'm starting to wonder if this deal was worth it). Finally, if the plan fails and the prince decides to marry another, then the mermaid will instantly die and disintegrate into sea foam. Well, as you can imagine, the prince marries and falls in love with another. The mermaid's sisters bring her a magical dagger to MURDER the prince. If the mermaid does so, and lets the blood drip on her feet (What?) then she can return to the sea. The mermaid cannot go through with the plan, and uses the dagger to end her own life. Her body dissolves and she is turned into an air spirit for her selfless act. Well...that's a happy ending, right?

2. Cinderella

You all know the story of Cinderella, and in many ways Disney's version stays true to the original: evil step-sisters, magical birds, the ball, the gown (you know the drill). Here's where it gets..bloody. When the prince arrives to find Cinderella, her step-sisters have cut off their toes to fit into the shoes. Their plan doesn't work (did they think he wouldn't notice them bleeding profusely?), and Cinderella and the prince marry. Oh, and remember those magical birds that helped Cinderella get ready for the ball? They show up to the wedding and peck out the eyes of Cinderella's step-sisters. Karma.

Disturbing Disney: 15 Of Your Favorite Disney Films With Horrifying Origins

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3. Pocahontas

This romanticized tale of colonialism is already troubling, but the real story of Pocahontas is heart-breaking. Pocahontas was a child when she met John Smith, the Englishman depicted as her love interest in the film. The historical accuracy of whether Pocahontas intervened in stopping Smith's execution has been disputed. We do know that she was captured by colonists, possibly raped, converted to Christianity, and married off to an Englishman. She was brought to England as a symbol of "the tamed savage". On the way back to America, she became violently ill and died at the age of 22.

Disturbing Disney: 15 Of Your Favorite Disney Films With Horrifying Origins

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4. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

My inner-sadist enjoys the original Brothers Grimm version where Snow White finally gets to give the evil queen what she deserves. Not knowing that Snow White has recovered from the poison apple, the queen attends the wedding of a beautiful, young princess. You can imagine her face when it turns out to be the wedding of Snow White and her prince. And they are pissed (probably because of all the attempted murder plots). As punishment, the queen is forced to wear red-hot shoes and dance until she dies. Hey, that's still a better reception than the last wedding I went to.

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