Crescent Chicken Bake!

This yummy recipe comes from the Grandmother of food blogger 'Janelle' and is up over 300K pins on Pinterest. Needless to say, you might just like this recipe. It is not complicated and uses some ingredients that are all ready like canned soup and Pillsbury crescent rolls. You can uses grilled, baked or poached chicken as the filling. The crescent roll dough is layed out flat and then the filling ingredients get stuffed in the center and then pinched together to make pockets of chicken/cheese goodness.

The soup mixture is poured on top and the entire thing is baked until the crescent rolls are golden brown and nice to cut into. It has the resemblance of a chicken pot pie, but is really even more special in some ways.

Meals like this one are always so inspiring because they can be adapted in so many ways. Different meats instead of chicken, new vegetables added in, variations of combinations of seasoning. Really the options are endless. The first time, it does not hurt to try this original recipe (and be sure to give thanks to Nana B!) to see the magic of this creation that has gone viral on social media. The recipes does say to serve with mashed potatoes and to me that is like the cherry on top since the soup creates a thick sauce that makes it perfect for a gravy style feel to this meal. This recipe only takes about 30 minutes to bake so you will have time while it bakes to prepare a nice dessert as well for your loved ones. For the entire list of ingredients and directions please continue reading this article at the link below to 'Comfy in the Kitchen'.

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