Crackle Peanut Butter Cup Brownies

These crackle peanut butter brownies look amazing, don't they? Well, good news is, they're also really easy to make. This is one of the many easy desserts from Tip Hero a place where you can find all sorts of dessert recipes, meal recipes, and drink recipes. They also feature a ton of cool DIY projects, cleaning tips, health and style advice and so much more. Brownies are one of those dessert recipes that can almost always satisfy any sweet tooth or sweet craving you have. This recipe takes the original easy brownie recipe to the next level by adding a layer of peanut butter and some crispy rice cereal with brownie mix and mini peanut butter cups. So for all the people out there that love chocolate and peanut butter dessert recipes, this one is totally for you, and it may just turn into your new favourite brownie recipe of all time. The other good thing is, it's one of those easy desserts you can just whip up any time you have the craving for it. These would also be perfect for gatherings and bake sales, and might even be the first ones to fly off the table.

Brownies didn't show up until the 1800s, which is later than other dessert recipes that have been around for centuries. The cheesecake, for example, has been around since ancient Greek times and cakes have as well. Brownies originated in the US and are said to have been created by a woman named Bertha Palmer. Bertha was married to the owner of the Palmer Hotel in Chicago, Illinois and in 1893, she went to their pastry chef and asked if he could make some desserts or pastries for some of the women coming to the World's Columbian Exposition. The chef created something quite different, it wasn't a cake, but it wasn't a square. It denser and thicker than a cake and had more of a fudgy flavour. He even added walnuts and an apricot glaze to these brownies which made them taste extra amazing. The ladies, of course, loved the dessert so much and the recipe was promptly offered on the menu at the hotel restaurant. The patrons absolutely loved them too, and so they became a legacy. The first recipe for brownies was printed in a recipe book by Frannie Farmer which was called the Boston Cooking-School Cook Book in 1896, which was 3 years after the Palmer Hotel started serving them on their menu. Ever since brownies have grown in popularity and there have been many spin-offs of the recipe including this one with peanut butter and rice crispies.

The ingredients of the brownie are much like that of a cake, but then why doesn't a brownie turn out like a cake? The flavour can be similar, but the texture is much different, brownies have a denser texter while cakes have a light and fluffy texture. The change in the texture is because you don't add in any baking powder or baking soda into a brownie recipe like you would to a chocolate cake. The baking powder and baking soda is what creates the aeration in the cake batter which is what makes it nice and fluffy. Most times, brownies won't have an icing on them either because the flavour is already quite rich. These brownies would be so full of flavour they would be amazing. You basically layer all of the ingredients, baking the brownies with the mini peanut butter cups and then mix the chocolate chips, the peanut butter and the rice crispies and chill it in the fridge. Enjoy this yummy dessert recipe.***

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