Couple Turns Old Bus School into Home on Wheels to Travel 12,000 Miles from Alaska to Argentina

These days, there are so many folks that just seem to have the zest for travel. Like this couple who turned an old school bus into a home on wheels to travel 12,000 miles from Alaska all the way to Argentina. Yes, all the way from the top of North America, to the bottom of South America. The Pan Am highway is the longest road able to be traveled by vehicle. Apart from the Darin Gap, between Central America and South America, you can drive the whole thing on land. The Darin Gap has been known to be difficult to cross in a vehicle. Reason being there is no actual road on this part of the journey and it is mostly swampland and jungle. They don't want to build a road so they can continue to protect the native people who live there as well as the natural rain forests. People have been able to make it through, mostly on bicycle or motorcycle, or on foot. On the Pan Am highway, travellers go through 14 countries as followed; Canada, the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile and finally Argentina. To make it to the very tip of each end of the continents, it would be a 30,000 mile road, that's a lot of miles to travel.

Good thing this couple, Felix and Selima who is called Mogli as a nickname had a home on wheels while they were travelling. The couple is originally from Germany. They found each other and realized that they both loved travel and art so they decided to buy an school bus and renovate it to travel around North and South America. They packed up their apartment in Berlin and flew over to the US with their dog Rudy in tow to start their journey. The couple bought their school bus online through a website that can deliver it anywhere you need. They ended up getting the longest one they could find and they were the first ones to buy a bus without seeing it first, which they don't recommend, but it seemed to work out fine for them. They transformed their bus into a beautiful home with a very cozy and stylish design. As you'll see in the video, the couple removed all of the seats that once occupied the entire length of the bus, which used to transport up to 78 kids at a time. They installed flooring and added in tiny house furniture that functions really well in the space.

This project gives us so many ideas for different ways to recycle old busses, or campers and make them home. Their interior looks amazing and it even has a fully equipped kitchen in it with a full sized stove. When the thought of buying a home seems so out of reach for many people these days, small house living is a great alternative. You can live within your means and have a pretty happy life. Small house living in a converted bus means that you can take your home on the road with you which is perfect for those with some wanderlust in their blood. More people are finding innovative ways to create a home of their dreams, whether it's big or small. People find ways to recycle materials and make them in to something new, saving money and preventing more pile up in the landfill. If you're at a standstill over buying a home, consider small house living and see if you can envision yourself living in one of them. Check out Expedition Happiness and see what it's all about.***

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