Check Out This 628 Square Foot Cabin With Its Unbeatable Rustic Kitchen

If you've been dreaming of a small log cabin of your own, you will want to take a look inside of this 628 square foot wood cabin, from Real Log Homes. This small log cabin proves that small structures can be just as sturdy as their larger counterparts. Known as the Mt. Lassen wood cabin, this charming retreat in located Chester, California and contains unexpected luxuries within its compact tiny frame. This is an excellent example of downsizing in style. And though the log cabin design only measures 628 square feet, the wood cabin filled to the brim with personality and charm. You can't help but love the butt-and-pass-style corners and the decorative gable, along with the perfectly located windows that let in plenty of natural light. Once you step inside, the view is even better, with a mini fireplace that adds warmth without being overwhelming, and makes the living room the perfect spot to cozy up. This wood cabin is the perfect size to spend quality time with family and friends, and because of it's size, it's a lot easier to maintain and clean up afterwards. In the kitchen of this small log cabin are granite countertops and a double oven. And the wooden kitchen cabinets keep with the rustic theme with wooden walls and a log bed. Even the bathroom is rustic with the stunning grain on the wooden drawers to the decorative windowpane and mirror frame.

There is something about log cabin designs that make them the perfect vacation home. Strong and durable, there are still wood cabins and old log homesteads that are standing after a hundred years or more. Log cabin designs are also aesthetically pleasing; they are nature at its best. You feel at peace with nature in your living log home, and log cabin designs are always in fashion. Wood cabins are environmentally friendly. There is much less use of prefabricated building products in wood cabins as compared to conventionally built homes. And using wood acts as natural insulation. The air cells in the wood fibre help to provide one of the best forms of insulation from either heat or cold. Log cabin designs are very cool in summer and very warm in winter. And a wood cabin built with treated logs will offer you weather-proofing that is unmatched by any other natural building material. Log cabin designs retain their beauty through all seasons, which leaves you lots of time to enjoy living in your living log home.

And what you give up in size, you will gain in other areas. Small log cabins are a good way to go when it comes to getting the vacation home of your dreams. A small log cabin is going to cost less than building a similar larger wood cabin. Youll have fewer building material costs and fewer labor costs. Not only are your initial buildings costs for a small log cabin reduced, once your small log cabin is built youll also save on the amount of energy and maintenance bills. Living in a large log cabin design takes a lot of energy and effort to keep clean everywhere and tidy.

Choosing to live in a small log cabin, gives you more time to do the things you really want to do. Who wants to spend one day a week cleaning, when you can be enjoying your time away? A small log home can include everything you need, just in a smaller package. You will find this log cabin design on the Log Home Tour site. On the site, you will find other small log cabins, wood cabins, log cabin designs and more. **

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