Catch A Glimpse Of This Gorgeous Double Loft Tiny House

For some people, the very idea of living in a mini house in unnerving. While countless supporters of the tiny house movement are happy to dwell in spaces that offer just 200 to 400 square feet of living space, others want tiny house design plans that are just as spacious as they are unique and rich with convenient features. Fortunately, one mini house is capable of meeting this standard, and without veering away from the basic values of the tiny house movement. Playfully dubbed "The Mansion", this mini house offers the illusion of a vast, open home with lots of square footage. This tiny house design achieves this effect by avoiding clutter and by keeping major structural and design elements off to the side. People can live in this mini house comfortably, and without ever feeling cramped or crowded. Best of all, despite the absolute simplicity of this mini house design, it remains among the most versatile spaces that tiny house movement supporters can invest in. One of the most important things to note about this tiny house design is that it has a double loft. It also has incredibly high ceilings and a very impressive range of amenities. For instance, not only can you fit a considerable number of people in this mini house if opting to entertain, but you'll also be able to cook up a veritable feast with the full-size, four-burner stove. One strategy that tiny house movement supporters often use to make their mini house plans seem bigger is to use dark colors at the floors and bright colors at the top. With dark hardwood throughout and light pine walls, this tiny house looks far bigger than it truly is.

One major benefit of living in this mini house is the ability to enjoy a fairly standard-sized bathroom. Many supporters of the tiny house movement have committed to bathrooms with micro-sized shower stalls, composting toilets, and compact sink and mirror combinations. The owners of this mini house have a large shower, plenty of room for walking about in, and a full-sized sink and mirror combo and more. This mini house is also connected directly to a septic tank which has allowed for the installation of traditional plumbing. This means that mini house residents actually have a flushing toilet. From the bathroom, this tiny house design plan features a very comfortable looking living room that includes an ample couch and a few amenities for entertainment. This is flanked by a nice dining area that is large enough to accommodate several people and that directly abuts the kitchen. The kitchen in this tiny house design looks exactly like a kitchen in any small-sized apartment. With beautiful, navy blue cabinetry and pine counter tops, this mini house is the perfect place for preparing and serving large, homestyle meals that everyone in the family is sure to love. While the typical tiny house design plan is generally sufficient for housing just one or two people, this unit is actually ideal for small and growing families or other groups.

Given just how frugal most tiny house movement supporters are, it's always a good idea to have plenty of space for loading up on bulk goods. The kitchen in this mini house has an abundance of storage space. This is ideal for people who love shopping for bargains and loading their pantries with all of their discounted finds. The real showstopper in this mini house, however, is its double loft. This mini house boasts one, full-sized loft that includes multiple windows and ample vertical space for sitting upright. It's suitable for a large-sized bed. Just over the way, there's also a second loft that's ideal for hosting guests or for serving as a child's bedroom.

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