Astonishing Log Cabin Kitchen Ideas, Must See Gallery!

There are so many ways to decorate a log cabin kitchen, from rustic to modern, farmhouse to woodsy and more. And you can combine styles to include a little bit of everything; you might have a rustic kitchen that has modern appliances and the other way around if you like. When it comes to decorating it's all about reflecting your personality and the things that refect you and your family. With the gallery of log cabin kitchen ideas on the Fern Web Design site, you will walk away with all sorts of ideas from the sort of kitchen cabinets you like to the decor that sits on your counters.

One popular way to decorate your kitchen these days is with the use of reclaimed wood. Using reclaimed wood throughout your log cabin design is a great way to incorporate some rustic detail. There are all sorts of projects to do and DIY ideas when it comes to using reclaimed wood in your log home design. Whether you use it to make a desk, a kitchen table or for some rustic detail above your kitchen fireplace. Lumber can be reclaimed from a variety of interesting and diverse sources. The most prolific supply of reclaimed wood comes from old buildings to include barns, warehouses and factories, which contain large volumes of wood, often chestnut, pine and oak. This timber is often found in sizable pieces which make wood from these buildings the most flexible regarding future use. Reclaimed lumber can also be sourced from old fences, railway sleepers, and even storage vessels like beer casks, wine barrels, and pickling containers. These produce wood with great color, depth and unique patterning.

The benefits of using reclaimed wood are not just confined to helping the environment. Reclaimed lumber is often from very old structures, and vessels which were made from that came from mature trees. Today, the demand for virgin lumber means that trees grown commercially are rarely matured long enough to even reach their full potential size. Thus, reclaimed lumber has access to larger planks. The lumber that comes from mature trees is stronger and also less prone to splitting because the lumber has been exposed to the elements over a long period of time. The wood in old buildings has already expanded and contracted repeatedly over the years and has also fully dried out, which makes the wood more durable and less prone to warping and splitting. Old wood also tends to have grain that is denser which makes it more stable. One of the most important aspects of reclaimed lumber is its character. Every section has a story, and no two pieces of lumber are identical, which gives it depth and unique character to anything made from the wood.

There are some drawbacks to reclaimed timber. The fact that the timber has been weathered and aged makes each piece unique, and as much as that is it's greatest quality, it can also be a problem for people who do not like the non-uniform appearance of flooring or furniture made from it. Reclaimed lumber can also have scars and indentations that are caused by the removal of old nails and pegs. And reclaimed lumber and timber is, itself, a finite resource. There are only so many old buildings and timber structures out there to source the lumber and timber from, and eventually, these will become unavailable. You will find these log cabin kitchen DIY ideas and projects to do on the Fern Web Design site. On the site, you will find a variety of home design ideas, DIY ideas and projects to do. **

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