Amazing Log Pool Tables

Amazing Log Pool Tables, barely begins to describe these pieces of art.

Do you play pool? If yes, you’ll probably appreciate this amazing log pool table. Even if you don't play pool but have a large home where a pool table can sit, you will enjoy this for its sheer beauty.

Everything you see is simply created by Aspen Rustic, a company from Austin. According to the owner, “It goes without saying that each log is unique, each Burl is unique, and the artistic interpretation of our craftsmen is unique. There will be no two alike, ever! With the help of our design studio staff, together we can create an Aspen Rustic Billiard Table with just the right character and texture for your mountain or western lodge.”

These amazing Pool Tables are made from logs from both Colorado and Wyoming. Fascinating and rustic. Each and every angle presents a different view of wood’s unique character. Each log is vigilantly selected, sanded and finished resulting in a great quality and beauty.

And what about the game of pool itself? The seasoned pool player knows all but here is a little information for the beginner. In the gam of pool, there are, in fact, different distinctions, terminology and strategies to learn in addition to just not getting the goal to get the ball into the pocket. There are three things you’ll be using: the billiard table, a cue stick, and the pool balls.

First thing to consider is to pick a cue stick that is appropriate for your size. There are, in fact, three standard sizes that pool table has; it would be 7, 8, and 9 feet. As for the pool balls, it is consists of even and odds, solids and stripes, the eight ball and the cue ball. In case you don’t have any idea about what a cue ball is, it is the solid white ball and can be distinguished as a bit heavier. It is only the ball hit during the game. Interested in playing it? You may search the internet for steps on how to play it and it will be best if you have your pool table to practice.

To see more beautiful photographs of these pool tables please visit the ‘Goods Home Design’ website below.

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