A Tiny House With Charming Farmhouse Style

From the outside, this tiny home design looks pretty unassuming, but once you step inside you are sure to fall in love. This cute, tiny house design is located in Fayetteville, Arkansas and is the result of a mother and daughter collaboration. Owner Lauren Sivewright and her mom worked together to design and decorate this 406 square foot tiny house design. Their goal for the home design was to create a light, bright, and clean interior. The layout for the home design features a living room area, a canopy bed, a galley style kitchen, a bathroom with a double vanity, an office, and a laundry space. It's surprising just how much they have fit into this tiny home design, thanks to smart furniture placement and unique built-in storage options, the tiny home design manages to provide all the needs of everyday living. On one side of the tiny home design, there is the bedroom area, the living room area, and the dining space. The bed has an extra full-size bed underneath that pulls out for guests.

Inside the home design, there is an electric fireplace that helps to add a bit of coziness, while the mirrored cabinets in the room help to make the room feel more spacious. Open shelves help to create a small but functional office. Woven baskets and white bins also help to attractive storage. Surprisingly, the tiny kitchen features full-size appliances including a side by side refrigerator, dishwasher, and double oven. Beadboard details, along with granite counter tops, and bronze fixtures create a lovely farmhouse style. This view of the kitchen highlights the floor to ceiling storage shelves, essential for a small space. More country charm can be found in the bathroom. Chunky wooden shelves help display room accessories and bath supplies. You will want to take a look inside and see all the details for yourself.

Farmhouse decorating is cozy, warm and relaxing, and full of charm and character. Farmhouse style goes back to a simpler time. To keep a farmhouse home design from looking too country kitsch, you want to strike a balance between old and new. Farmhouse home design should be clean, stylish and warmhearted. And most importantly farmhouse style needs to be in tune with nature, but also not full of dried flowers and rooster decor. Barn board is a good place to start, by using reclaimed barn board you can add some history and country character to a home design. Reclaimed wood can be used on floors, shelving, furniture, and more. Exposed wood beams like barn board, along with exposed wood beams help to keep an element of nature in your home design and add some great architectural detail. Butcher Block Butcher block counters are great in farmhouse kitchens because they keep the look relaxed.

Vintage furniture is a good addition to farmhouse style. With that said you don't want to fill your entire home design with vintage furniture, but you should definitely have a bit. You can try pairing your new sofa with a vintage side chair and table, a vintage chest looks great with a new bed, and you can try pairing vintage lamps that have been rewired to rooms. You want to mix and match and bring some history into your home design. Wicker baskets and rattan can go a long way. Wicker baskets or a rattan chair help to connect the outdoors with the indoors and create a country feeling. Weathered finishes, such as rough wood and peeling paint can also help to create a farmhouse look. You will find this farmhouse tiny house design on the SmallerLiving.org site. On the site, you will find small house living, tiny house design and more. **

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