A Strong House Built Entirely of Concrete...

When you think about how you will design your house, there are several options that might come to mind, from the style, the size, and the building method that will be used. You will see how this home design is built using the spider tie concrete method. The entire dream house plan from the floor, walls, and roof is constructed out of concrete. You will want to take a look at this dream house plan that is built using the spider tie method of construction; you are sure to be impressed. This dream house plan video has over 50,000 views.

The Spider Tie building method was conceived out of a need for builders to be able to form a concrete wall quickly and easily. There will always be a need for affordable concrete home design in the United States and abroad. The Spider Tie concrete wall forming system offers many unique advantages to include affordability, ease of build and strength. The spider tie method of home design is very easy to use, it's low tech and easy to learn. The spider tie method of home design is the most affordable system on the market, with the cost of shipping the product being considerably less. Spider tie needs only some basic tools to help form a wall, and it works with wood plank as well as plywood. And the spider tie method of home design allows you to custom build the walls on site. And is available in 6 inch and 8-inch wall thickness, this system is perfect for foundation walls and above ground walls.

The vast majority of the housing throughout the world is built using masonry. And because of the difficulty and the cost associated with forming concrete walls, most of these home designs are built out of concrete block and or brick. In many cases, there is a reinforced concrete frame that is needed to strengthen the structure. Unfortunately, when there is a natural disaster, this type of building causes the reinforced wall sections of these walls to collapse. Building these home designs entirely out of reinforcing solid concrete would help to eliminate most catastrophic failures. Thus saving human lives, by using the spider tie approach and method of building you can ensure that your home design will withstand whatever mother nature throws at it. Using the Spider Tie method of building your home design, provides a simple and affordable solution to such a huge problem. In most cases, the cost of construction using this spider tie method of building is no more expensive than building using traditional methods.

There are several advantages to Spider Tie building. The Spider Tie method of building now offers builders an easier way to construct a concrete home wall. Since no expensive forms are required to build this way, you can easily form these walls yourself. There is less labor involved in the Spider Tie method of building, and this is because the heaviest part of this building method is in a single sheet of plywood. The Spider tie method of building creates a temporary frame work by which you can simply fasten your plywood to, by using a recommended coarse thread screw. This method is similar to that of fastening drywall to wooden studs. This building framework also holds your rebar perfectly in place each time with out having to use tie wire. The most impressive feature of the Spider Tie method of building is in what it provides, and it costs less than all the other forming system out there. You will see this dream house plan built using the spider tie concrete method on the Dean Humphreys site. **

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