A Log House with Unbeatable Character Built By Wood Experts, Click For Floor Plan!

When it comes to luxury log homes, this is a log house with unbeatable character. This log house was built by Wood Experts, a company in Germany and is a beautiful example of a log home building kit that shows even log home kits can build gorgeous luxury log homes. The interior of this Blockhaus, as they call it, is nice and minimal, with a well thought out floor plan to include all of the necessities for a log house. The basic floor plan for this log cabin kit is left open with no walls so that the layout can offer lots of space for everyday use and for entertainment purposes. The kitchen and living space are all located on the main floor, with the bedrooms and bathrooms included close by. A loft could also be added in eventually if that was something the customer wanted. Lofts in log houses and cabins create extra sleeping space as well as additional storage or additional lounging space. Even though a loft isn't included in the floor plan for this log house, one could possibly be added in during the design phase of the building project.

The design phase is an important phase for any project, but especially if the building will be your home. Home is where we spend a good majority of our time, and so it's important to make sure that the home's design reflects our personal style and preferences. When you're looking for a log house plan, be sure to make a checklist of all the different things you wish to have included in your log house design. Log home building designers can do their best to implement the items you want in your plan to make it suit your family's needs. Having an idea in mind of the type of floor plan you want also brings you closer to the design you'll buy. There are many different types of plans and kits on the market these days, from single floor log houses like this one, to multi level luxury log homes with several bedrooms. Deciding how many bedrooms you and your family will need as a minimum is a good place to start. For example, if you have kids, does each of your kids need a bedroom to themselves or could a couple of them share a bedroom for a while? These are things you'll also want to sit down with your family to discuss in further detail.

This home building kit from the Wood Experts comes with everything needed to build the design you see in the photo. Construction drawings for the house, all of the materials including the windows and doors. All stairs and railings are to be arranged separately and electric, flooring, and bathroom fixtures are also to be arranged with the building company. The company delivers anywhere in Germany for free and the delivery time is anywhere from 8 to 10 weeks. The customer also has a choice of the type of log that is used in their building project, and can choose from round logs or square shaped manufactured logs made in their own factory. The difference between the two is that the round logs give you that classic log home look with the all natural log, and the manufactured ones give you cleaner lines with a more seamless look. It just depends on your personal preference, but both look equally beautiful and have similar structural benefits. Even though these log homes are not in North America, it can help to look at different styles of log home when you're looking to build one of your own, or, just simply to admire them.***

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