504 Sq. Ft. Modern Cabin

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Who among of you here are home-based workers? Raise your right hand! *raised mine* Well, I am certain I am not alone in this situation. Being a home-based worker is absolutely ideal for those who don’t love to rush every morning to avoid traffic and being late, and other hassles. Surely, working at home would be perfect for those who like to avoid those hassles. However, if you have a messy workplace and unfavorable environment at home, home-based working would likely be difficult. But do not let such hassles intervene with your career. If you can't make this a possibility, then maybe it is time for you get out of that system and look for something new. And when I say ‘look for something new’, it means 'look for a new house'. A home that would perfectly fit your working situation, am I right? Many people are finding their way into the housing market by building or buying smaller or even tiny homes. Take a look at this 504 square foot cabin, which can be so great for your at home work lifestyle.

Well, in the photo above - take a look at the surroundings. It’s very refreshing to the eyes, isn't it? If you want to take a break, you can go outside and enjoy the view for awhile. That way, you can be more relaxed and feel calm. The greenness of the surroundings makes you feel cool and light-headed. If you want, you can actually take a walk and feel the fresh air on your cheeks. Inside, a perfect workplace is waiting. Sitting comfortably in the living room with your laptop and a cup of coffee or tea on the side is what we really want. Is it good? No. It’s great! With no interruptions at all! And with the word ‘interruptions’, I mean the unpleasant noises, uncomfortable physical conditions, and other hindrances of having to leave your home to go to the office.

Choosing a house to be your workplace is essential. Having this kind of home will absolutely contribute to your productivity. A modern and clean home will help you to focus. Having a healthy work environment like this would very much benefit our health. While earning a living, make sure that you are comfortable and happy to where you are working.

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