$12,000 Shed is Converted to an AWESOME Tiny House!

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As the cost of property continues to rise, it seems evident that alternative forms of housing need to be considered. Certainly there has been a push towards communities being more densely populated. Condos and townhouses have erupted vigorously throughout many areas.

Now we see a new trend evolving. A trend that speaks to the desire to do more with less, to take care of our environment. The obvious choice is smaller spaces or the more charming phrase, tiny houses.

Tiny houses can be the size of a garden shed, you may even decide to convert a shed on an existing property. This is certainly a viable option for a homeowner to add housing for family or to generate rental income from the existing investment of their home.

With a little research, you can efficiently plan these tiny houses to be very functional and comfortable. In fact, the less you have, the less you need. The thought of living with less may seem frightening but, in fact, a minimalist lifestyle is much less stressful than the alternative.

Communities will start to be born from tiny houses and with less indoor living space people will be encouraged to be active and present within their areas. This evokes a sense of belonging and, in fact, the transition to this type of living will be organic and over time will be fruitful and positive.

Perhaps, the easiest place to begin is creating tiny houses where sheds or workshops once existed. However, the other idea that springs to mind is getting together with like minded individuals and buying a piece of property for the soul purpose of embracing communal living. Beginning with tiny houses and adding such common spaces as a community garden.

One by one, these tiny houses will embrace a sense of being & even help to combat the commercialism that exists so sadly in our culture.

Tiny houses will make a huge change. Please visit the "Tiny House Living" website below for more.

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Please support us by clicking here, and we will give you a free subscription to our Country Living magazine, thank you!!!

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